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Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail

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Lacking in adrenaline-pumping mountain biking spots near Chicago, IL? We introduce you to the Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail System. This unique trail has been carved into the forest preserve near Willow Springs and it features a diverse range of tracks suitable for both beginners and expert mountain bikers.

The Problem

One of the main issues that mountain bikers near Illinois face is the lack of specialized trails. Local roads and paths may provide a ride, but they lack the technical aspects that mountain biking demands. With vehicles and pedestrians also using these paths, safety becomes a major concern.

The Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail System

The Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail System

Combining a charming forest preserve setting with a well-mapped trail system, the Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail System is an answer to this problem. The system has a plethora of trails ranging from simple rides to technical tracks.

In Palos Forest Preserve, there are hills aplenty and singletrack trails that wrap around the contours providing the mountain biking adrenaline that riders look for.

The Gravity Cavity adds a dimension of thrill, challenge, and excitement with a big drop that can test any rider’s nerve.

Navigation and Map

Navigating the Palos trail system is made simple with a comprehensive trail map provided. Mountain bikers can plan their path before riding out. As a bonus, there’s an intersection marking which guides you perfectly through the different stages of the ride.

The trail routes are marked with different colors. The Yellow Trail can provide a fast, technical ride with tight twisty singletrack while the Orange Trail is a bit more relaxed, followed by rocky sections to add a bit of a challenge.

Additional Features

The Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail is not just about the ride. It’s about the whole outdoor experience. Its location brings the riders close to nature. You have the opportunity to explore the beautiful Palos Forest Preserve, start by parking in the lot, and then head out on whatever trail calls to you.

Additionally, reaching the trail system itself from Chicago is not a problem as the Forest Preserve is just a short ride away. So, whether you live in East or South Chicago, access is quite seamless.

Weather and Ride Conditions

The Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail System indeed offers a unique experience, but it also brings challenges. Depending on the weather, the paths can become quite slippery, and considering IL’s unpredictable weather, riders must check the weather forecast before heading out.

But hey, it’s not all bad news! The soil mix holds up well under wet conditions and can make for a more adventurous ride!


If you’re starting in Mountain biking and unsure about what route to take, it’s best to start with the yellow route for a milder ride. Then, challenge yourself with the gravity cavity and the orange route full of rocky sections. It’s a challenge that will keep you satisfied for hours with its somewhat technical, fast trail system.

Video and Photo Collage

For future bikers who want a real-time look, there are several videos and photos made by riders that showcase the Palos trail system and the scenic surroundings. It’s an excellent way to get a feel for the terrain and the thrill that lies ahead.

For Non-Bikers

The Palos Forest Preserve is not just for mountain bikers. Hikers, trail runners, and equestrians can also enjoy the preserve. The loop paths provide a pleasant hiking experience, and many trails offer breathtaking scenic views.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you’re a seasoned mountain biker looking for your next challenge or a beginner wanting to explore the thrilling sport of mountain biking, the Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail System presents a path you won’t want to miss. It’s not just a trail—it’s an experience, a journey, an adventure. And it’s right at your doorstep in Illinois.

So grab your bike, head on out, and absorb what Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail System has to offer. You will not only satisfy your need for an adventurous ride, but you will also cultivate a newfound appreciation for the outdoors and the preservation of nature.


What is the Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail System?

The Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail System is a comprehensive network of trails predominantly designed for mountain biking located in the Palos division of Cook County, Illinois. The trail system is nestled in the heart of the preserve and provides a variety of routes for every skill level of mountain bikers from beginner to advanced.

Where is the Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike Trail System located?

The trail system is located near Willow Springs, IL, southwest of Chicago. It is situated within the forest preserve which is part of the Cook County Forest Preserve district. The exact address is Willow Springs Rd, Willow Springs, IL and it’s approximately 20 miles from downtown Chicago.

What are some of the unique features of the Palos trails?

The Palos Mountain Bike Trail System offers a myriad of features that attract mountain bikers of all levels. The trails offer several terrain types including climb, roll, tight twisty singletrack, and technical routes. It also features a notable hill known as the Gravity Cavity and the Yellow Trail, a rocky and steep route.

Is there a map available for the Palos Forest Preserve Mountain Bike trail?

Yes, a trail map for the Palos mountain bike trail system is available at the main parking lot and can also be accessed online. The map shows information regarding the various routes, including difficulty levels and notable trail features.

What should I expect when mountain biking at Palos?

You can expect a varied and exciting ride when mountain biking at Palos. The Palos trail system offers over 30 miles of tight, twisty, and thrilling singletrack trails that run through intense woods, scenic hills, and around beautiful lakes. Also, it has plenty more to keep you satisfied for hours.

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