Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike Review


Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike Review

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I turned to the Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike for a break from everyday life. I wanted to escape the indoors, and this bike allowed me to do just that. It gave me a way to enjoy nature and leave the routine behind.

I’ve put this bike through its paces on rough trails and have been impressed with its durable build and sharp handling. In this review, I’ll give you an honest look at how well it performs in the wild and discuss whether it’s the right bike to help you find your adventure.

We’ll see if this bike can deliver the thrilling rides you want.

Key Takeaways

  • The Ozark Trail 29 mountain bike offers strong and durable features, including a robust frame, 160mm brake discs, and Suntour forks for smooth handling.
  • The bike’s aluminum frame and suspension system with 100mm SR Suntour forks provide durability, control, and a comfortable ride.
  • It has an 8-speed cassette for seamless gear transitions and tough wheels designed for off-road biking, making it versatile and suitable for different types of terrain.
  • While the bike prioritizes comfort and affordability, there are some concerns about build quality and long-term resilience, as reported by some users.

Unboxing the Ozark Trail

Watch the tutorial

When I opened the box, I saw the Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike, which was mostly put together already. The bike’s large frame seemed strong, perfect for the exciting off-road trips I love. I first noticed the 160mm brake discs and Suntour forks.

The disc brakes are a high-end feature that provides strong braking power, which is very important when riding on rough terrain. The unboxing was easy, so I wouldn’t have to work hard to prepare the bike for the trail.

I checked the parts carefully to ensure they were as good as advertised online. The packaging was done well, which showed that Walmart cares about customers being happy with their Ozark Trail mountain bikes.

Bike Specifications and Components

Turning our focus to the bike’s core features, the Ozark Trail 29’s frame is crafted from a robust material that promises both durability and lighter weight, essential for maneuverability on challenging trails.

Its suspension system, including the 100mm SR Suntour forks, offers riders precise control and comfort through preloads and lockouts, enhancing performance across varied terrain.

Meanwhile, the bike’s gear system, with an 8-speed cassette, ensures a seamless transition between gears, which is crucial for maintaining momentum and efficiency during climbs and descents.

Bike Frame Material

When I looked at the Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike, I noticed its aluminum frame is strong and light. This is important because the material of the bike frame really affects how well the bike performs and how long it lasts.

The aluminum used in the Ozark Trail bike is great for handling rough paths because it’s tough but easy to move around. This is a big advantage over the heavier steel frames common in bikes at similar prices. With a lighter bike, you can steer better, and you won’t get as tired on longer rides.

Also, this bike is designed well, much like the more expensive Schwinn Axum, but it’s more affordable. That’s why the Ozark Trail bike is a great choice for anyone looking to buy a mountain bike that doesn’t break the bank but still has high quality.

Suspension System Details

After looking at the bike’s light aluminum frame, let’s discuss its suspension system.

The bike has an SR Suntour fork with 100mm of travel that helps you stay in control and keeps the ride smooth on tough trails. A good suspension system is key for mountain bikes because it helps soak up bumps and keeps the tires on the ground.

The Suntour forks on the Ozark Trail 29 aren’t the best out there, but they do a good job for a bike that’s affordable and great for beginners. You can adjust the fork’s stiffness and lock it out to better fit your weight and the trail’s roughness.

This bike’s suspension may not be the fanciest, but it’s well-chosen for those who want to hit the trails without spending much money.

Gear System Overview

Let’s talk about the gear system on the Ozark Trail 29 mountain bike. It comes with an 8-speed cassette that helps you handle different kinds of ground – whether going up steep hills or speeding down them. Here’s what you need to know about the bike’s gears:

  • Gear System Overview:
  • The 8-speed cassette lets you switch gears smoothly, making it easier to climb hills and control your speed when going downhill.
  • It’s made to last, even when riding on tough mountain trails.

People who review bikes often mention how important a good gear system is for a mountain bike’s performance. For the Ozark Trail 29, its gears help make the bike versatile and enjoyable in many terrains, which is one reason it’s well-regarded in the biking community.

Wheel and Tire Specifications

I’ve looked over the gears, and now I’m focusing on the wheels and tires of the Ozark Trail 29, which are important for how well the bike does on rough paths.

The bike has 160mm brake disks that give you strong and dependable brakes, which you need to safely ride down steep paths and make quick turns.

The wheels are tough, made for off-road biking, and the tires have a special tread that gives you a good grip and lasts a long time.

It would be great if it had a dropper post for better control on different trails, but that’s not something you usually get for this price.

From what I can see in this review of the Ozark Trail 29 mountain bike, the wheels and tires play a big part in ensuring your ride is stable and smooth.

Seat and Handlebars Comfort

The seat and handlebars on the Ozark Trail 29 mountain bike are comfortable, even if you ride for a long time. If you’re starting in mountain biking and want to stay comfortable, this bike is a good choice.

Comfort Features:

  • Seat designed for comfort: It is shaped to fit your body for a custom feel.
  • Handlebars and seat you can adjust: You can change them to get the right fit for how you ride.

When you look at the details of the bike, you can tell the designer’s thoughts about comfort. It has a mm brake system that works well, so you can stop quickly and safely, making you feel more confident when riding. Even though it doesn’t have the fanciest parts, this bike still offers a smooth, reliable ride.

Being comfortable while you ride can make biking much more fun, and the Ozark Trail 29 mountain bike gets that right.

Performance and Ride Quality

The Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike does well for casual trail riding but struggles with tougher landscapes. It can handle small bumps due to its suspension, but it’s not great for rocky or technical areas. Switching gears is okay for relaxed rides, but it’s not quick enough when changing fast on steep hills or quick drops.

Here’s a clearer look in a table:

SuspensionOkayNot great on very bumpy terrain
Gear ShiftingFairSlow when you need speed
ControlStableHard to manage in tight spots
ComfortGoodFine for longer rides
Build QualitySo-soMight not last a long time

In short, the bike works fine for easy rides but might let you down if you’re after an exciting ride on rough trails.

Comparing the Ozark Trail

After looking at how the Ozark Trail 29 performs, I will see how it compares with other top mountain bike brands regarding what you get for your money and the bike’s features.

Price & Where You Can Buy It

  • Ozark Trail 29: It’s much cheaper, and you can easily find it at Walmart.
  • High-End Brands: These bikes usually cost more, and you can’t always buy them immediately.

Quality of the Parts

  • Ozark Trail 29: has a good 8-speed gear set and 160mm brakes, but the Suntour forks mightn’t be the best.
  • Expensive Competitors: They often have better gear systems from Shimano or MicroSHIFT and might hide the cables inside the frame.

The Ozark Trail allows new riders to start mountain biking without spending much money, which is often the case with premium brands. This bike still has strong features that are good for beginners.

Ozark Trail Maintenance and Upgrades

To keep the Ozark Trail 29 bike running smoothly for a long time, it’s important to take good care of it. Regularly clean and oil the gears – the chain, cassette, and gear shifters. This stops them from wearing out too fast.

Don’t forget the shock absorbers; if you ignore them, your bike won’t handle bumps either.

Upgrading parts can make your bike even better. For example, getting lighter and stronger wheels can help you speed up faster and control the bike better. Also, a seat that fits you right will make long rides more comfortable.

Pricing and Resale Value

The Ozark Trail 29 mountain bike, with its $279.99 price, is affordable compared to other bikes. This low price is great because more people can start mountain biking without spending too much money. It also means the price of second-hand bikes might go down.

Let’s look at the details:

Understanding Affordability

  • If you’re new to mountain biking, this bike is a good start because it’s cheap.
  • It also helps more people get into biking when they don’t have much money to spend.

What This Means for Resale Value

  • The bike might lose value quickly because it’s cheap to start with.
  • But, as more people like the brand, the demand could keep the resale price from dropping too much.

User Reviews and Opinions

Turning to user feedback, I’ve noticed a trend of positive remarks highlighting the cost-effectiveness of the Ozark Trail 29, particularly for those new to the sport.

However, some riders have reported negative experiences, citing issues with build quality that question the bike’s long-term resilience.

Parsing through the overall satisfaction rate, it’s clear that while the bike shines in affordability and accessibility, it presents a mixed bag in terms of performance and durability.

Positive Feedback

Many customers are really happy with the Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike. They say it’s a great deal and works well. Here’s what they like about it:

Cost & Worth

  • It’s easy on the wallet but still a good-quality bike.
  • It has cool features you’d usually see on more expensive bikes.

How It Rides & Who It’s For

  • The bike’s great suspension system makes for a smooth ride.
  • It’s good for people just starting to ride and those riding for a long time.

Why this matters: The Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike is making a name for itself, especially for people who want to enjoy riding trails without spending too much money. You can find this bike at Walmart, which means it’s not only a smart buy but also easy to get.

Negative User Experiences

Many people like the Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike, but some are unhappy. They say the bike doesn’t last long and isn’t strong enough for tough trails.

People are also upset that Walmart’s staff don’t know enough about bikes to help with problems or maintenance. This could make serious bikers prefer local shops, where they get better advice and service.

The Ozark Trail 29 mightn’t be the best choice for serious biking because it might break easily, and you mightn’t get the help you need.

Overall Satisfaction Rate

Looking at what people say about the Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike, it seems that beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money like it. Here’s a simple rundown:

Good Points:

  • Value for Money: New riders are happy because the bike doesn’t cost much.
  • Comfort: Many say riding for a long time is comfortable, which is great for those who ride for fun.

Not-so-good Points:

  • Quality Issues: Some riders have had to fix or replace parts earlier than they thought, making them worry about how long the bike will last.
  • Not for Tough Trails: People who’ve been biking for a while don’t think it does well on hard trails, so it’s not the best for rough riding.

In short, this bike is a good choice for new riders who are watching their budget, but it mightn’t be the best for those who want to take on more challenging rides.


Is a 29-inch mountain bike good for what height?

If you’re about 5’6′ or taller, a 29-inch mountain bike like the Ozark Trail might be a good fit for you. These bikes have bigger wheels that make it easier to roll over obstacles and keep you moving smoothly, especially over rough terrain. This means you’ll feel fewer bumps and can ride faster and further with less work.
When looking at a bike like this, you’ll notice it has a low standover height, which is the space between you and the bike when standing over it. That’s helpful because it means more people of different heights can ride it comfortably. Also, it has a wide range of gear, so you can find comfortable gear when climbing hills or cruising on flat ground.
These features are important because they make your ride more enjoyable, whether you’re out for an adventure or just getting from point A to point B. So, if you’re on the taller side and looking for a bike that can handle long rides and rough trails, a 29-inch mountain bike is worth considering.

What is a 29er bike good for?

I’ve looked into how well 29-inch bikes work for tall riders, and now I’ll talk about what makes a 29-inch bike great.
A big benefit of a bike like the Ozark Trail 29 Mountain Bike is how well it grips the ground and stays stable. The bigger wheels touch more ground, giving you better control in different riding conditions. These wheels also make it easier to roll over bumps, leading to a smoother ride on rough trails.
Plus, 29ers keep their speed better over rocky and tricky paths, so you don’t have to work as hard to keep going. With their efficient movement, these bikes are a top pick for anyone who loves exploring various places.

Can a kid ride a 29-inch bike?

Many people ask me if kids can ride a bike with 29-inch wheels, like the one from Ozark Trail. The answer isn’t just about how old they are. It’s about how well the bike fits them and how good they’re at riding. Here’s what you need to think about:

Choosing the Right Bike Size for Kids

Height: If a child isn’t tall enough, getting on and off the bike can be tough.
Leg Length: If their legs are too short, they won’t pedal well, which might be uncomfortable.

How Good They Are at Riding
Experience: A kid just starting to ride might find a big, heavy bike hard to handle.
Steering: Bikes with smaller wheels are easier for kids to steer.

Is 27.5 or 29 better?

If you’re trying to choose between a 27.5-inch mountain bike and a 29-inch one, consider where and how you plan to ride. For example, the Ozark Trail 29 has big 29-inch wheels that make it stable and help it roll over rocks or roots easily—this is great if you’re riding on rough ground where you need a good grip, especially on loose dirt or rocky trails.
But if you like zipping through narrow paths with lots of twists and turns, a 27.5-inch bike is often better. It’s easier to handle and can speed up quickly, giving you a fun ride if you prefer being quick and agile.

Do 29-inch bikes go faster?

Bikes with 29-inch wheels, like the Ozark Trail 29-Mountain Bike, are known for rolling smoothly and keeping speed well, especially on rough ground. Here’s why they can be faster:

Better at Rolling Over Things

Easier to Overcome Obstacles: Big wheels simplify getting over rocks and roots.
Good for Many Types of Ground: They work well on different trails.

More Efficient and Stable

Better Grip: The larger wheels touch more ground, so you don’t slip as much.
Keeps Speed Better: The size of the wheels helps you keep going fast without having to pedal as hard.
Looking closely, it’s clear that the shape and size of 29-inch bikes help you go faster, which is great for bikers who want to ride quickly over different trails without slowing down.


The Ozark Trail 29 mountain bike is a great choice for those looking for a strong and reliable bike without spending much money. It has a sturdy frame and an excellent suspension system, making it perfect for serious bikers who want a bike that can handle tough trails. While it may need some minor adjustments occasionally, the bike is a fantastic deal overall.

It’s designed for adventurous riders who love to explore the outdoors and need a bike to keep up with their enthusiasm.

For more information on the Ozark Trail 29 mountain bike, you can check out reviews and detailed specs from credible sources like BikeRadar or Cycling Weekly. These sites provide expert insights that can help you make an informed decision.

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